Taking Advantage of Market Research to Improve Your Sales

taking advantage of market research to improve sales

Date: 14th June 2016
Each and every business today, has relied on Market Research one way or the other. Read on to know how MR can help you improve your sales vastly.

Technology Creating a New Dimension in Industries

Technology Creating a New Dimension in Industries

Date: 06th June 2016
How has technology impacted various industries in the last decade? Who has impacted for the better and how does it help the end user?

How Does Business Analytics Help In Value Addition

How does business analytics help in value addition

Date: 17th May 2016
How can business analytics & data validation add value to the data gathered? What aspects are important to consider while business analysis in order to maintain quality?

World Immunization Week 2016

World Immunization week Close the gap 2016

Date: 27th April 2016
World Immunization Week (WIW) 2016, celebrated in the last week of April, aims to promote the use of vaccination. What is in store for this year’s WIW?

Recent Discoveries in Therapeutic Devices

Improved Artificial pacemakers

Date: 21st April 2016
Updates on new and improved Therapeutic devices including – Pacemakers, Hearing aids, Optical aids, Prostheses

Ecommerce Wars: Is Flipkart’s Losses Double than Revenue Justified?


Date: 15th April 2016
Why are investors investing huge amount in Flipkart even if it’s per year loss is double than its revenue? How & when will it become profitable for its investors?

Global Automotive Industry: Trends & Forecasts

global -automotive-industry

Date: 25th March 2016
The global automotive industry is booming. Fast paced environment is making way for new trends. Know more about the current happenings & predictions for future.

Global Outlook for Medical Device Industry in 2016

medical device industry

Date: 16th March 2016
Know more about the emerging trends, largest markets, challenges faced and much more about the medical device industry.

Should you be Investing in Chinese Pharma Sector?


Date: 9th March 2016
With slowest recorded growth of Chinese economy in 2015, would it be a good time to be investing in Chinese pharma sector?

Breakthroughs in Pharma Industry in the last 12 months

Breakthroughs in Pharma Industry in the last 12 months

Date: 2nd March 2016
Learn about the drugs discovery breakthroughs in pharma industry in the past 12 months from all around the world.

Does Your Organizational Culture Need A Change?


Date: 23rd Feb 2016
Does your organizational culture need a change? Why? What is not correct in the current culture & how is it affecting your firm? Sometimes, small changes in the leadership is all you need!

New Proposed Rule in US Worries Indian Pharma Exporters


Date: 19th Feb 2016
The US government declared new rules for pharma sector, which stated that, “it is now mandatory for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to be manufactured locally in the US.”

The Importance of Linguistics in Business Networking


Date: 15th Feb 2016
Having trouble connecting with the right people? Take a look at how linguistics can help you communicate and connect better in your business networking methods.

When Market Research Goes Wrong


Date: 10th Feb 2016
Market Research is an important aspect for a firm to innovate, and move forward. But what if it goes wrong? Read about true incidents to know how it can cost your company millions.

4 Key Aspects about Business Information Sourcing that a Startup should know


Date: 6th Feb 2016
Is your startup facing problems in relevant business information sourcing? Find out how an adept business research analyst can help you out. 

Zika Virus: How big of a threat is it?


Date: 3rd Feb 2016
Zika virus is spreading terror these days, especially in Brazil and USA. But what is Zika, and why is it so terrifying?

Professional Networking – Myths & Truths


Date: 30th Jan 2016
People are often unaware of about many networking truths. Networking is essential in the corporate world, but networking misconceptions are unfavorable.

Why Personal Engagement means better Business Research


Date: 27th Jan 2016
Networking plays an important role in Business Research & Information Sourcing. Better the engagement, better the research.

Is The Next Recession Around The Corner?


Date: 23rd Jan 2016
Is the next recession in the near future? Read the economic data and expert predictions – what & how is the next recession going to be like and affect the world of finance?

Role of Assessed Business Information in Decision Making


Date: 15th Jan 2016
An assessed business decision should presumably result in a better outcome than an unassessed or spontaneous decision. A smart leader needs to be vigilant about industry updates and be prompt in taking actions. Timely substantial information proves extremely crucial.

Small Businesses in Australia – Challenges & Predictions


Date: 12th Jan 2016
Know more about the major challenges faced by the SMEs in Australia currently, and what is expected in 2016.

Investment in nurturing talent for startups: A must have situation


Date: 5th Jan 2016
What are the essential skills start-ups need to nurture in employees and why it is important to invest in training for those skills at the beginning?

Predictions: What does 2016 look like?


Date: 31st Dec 2015
Hear the experts forecast the future of the corporate world and what 2016 has in store for us! Predictions by experts on Industry, Small & Medium Businesses, Market Research Industry, Finance, Human Resources & Talent, Tech & Mobility for the year 2016.

Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Building MSMEs


Date: 11th Nov 2015
Special Economic Zones are geographical regions that have economic laws different from a country’s typical economic laws. They aim at supporting MSMEs and entrepreneurs through infrastructural development.

Barista on Market Again


Date: 16th Nov 2015
It seems barista is on the market again and on the verge of having a 5th owner in its journey of 15 years.

Prepare for the Battle – When Entering a New Market


Date: 3rd Nov 2015
What all do you need to know when entering a new market?

MUDRA Initiative: Financing MSME Dreams


Date: 23rd Oct 2015
The PradhanMantri MUDRA initiative (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Yojana) by Mr. Narendra Modi aims at the development, refinancing and supporting the small entrepreneurs and the MSMEs sector of India.

Strike by Pharmacies in India


Date: 13th Oct 2015
Strike led by AIOCD affiliated pharmacies against the growing industry of e-pharmacies on 14th Oct 2015 in India.