Relevant & reliable information is the key to efficient business decisions.

MSMEs from capital intensive industries risk a lot of money to expand their reach. We combine our skills of INFORMATION RESEARCH for developing specific knowledge to generate INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENTS globally in a cost effective manner.

Often, “Customization of market knowledge” is perceived to be an expensive affair. Our past work experience encompasses information research and industry engagement activities conducted across 15 key industries like Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing, Machinery, Mining & Metals, Health-Care & Life Sciences, Chemicals, etc.


Our research activities cover business information sourcing over various B2B products, companies, industries, region, etc. We ensure timely availability of relevant business information and our research output includes optimal qualitative & quantitative information coverage for your decision making. Some of the key business campaigns for which we provide research support include:

  • Market Size Evaluation (B2B Products / Services)
  • Market Trends Mapping (Driver / Challenges)
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Marketing Database Management

In an ever denser entrepreneurial world, Business to Business (B2B) networking is the doorway to explore untapped opportunities and warrant a “sustainable growth”. While it is much easier to engage with industry professionals now, the market competition compels us not to miss the opportunity of starting on a GREAT note. We all know – FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. Follow-up conversations can heal the impact, but you may lose much time to regain the lost confidence.

Our industry engagements equip you with an extended access to explore business relations with new prospects, customers, skilled business professionals & entities (vendors, consultants), etc. We perform the industry engagements for initiatives like:

  • B2B Surveys & Marketing
  • Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
  • Industry Network Building