Coming Together: The Beginning

After researching niche topics for the likes of Fortune 500 & FTSE 250 companies, we recognized how critical it is to have access to relevant,comprehensive & reliable information for making right business decisions. While top companies spend millions to “get the facts right”, it is not the same case with MSMEs. MSMEs often have low budgets and every activity remains on priority – from developing an efficient procurement chain, to establishing a unique value proposition via innovation in their products, marketing & brand awareness for exploring new customer segments, and so on. Limited budgets – need we say more! iSBS came into existence with an objective to cater to MSMEs.

iSpirit Business Solutions stands for information based industry engagement solutions. Our vision is to develop iSBS as a platform that facilitates sustainable access to business information and industry engagement support for MSMEs from capital intensive industries.

In May 2014, we began our mission to facilitate ease in access to relevant business information & engagements with industry professionals enhancing the global reach of at least 100 MSMEs from capital intensive industries by 2020. The first step was to “bring together” a team, well equipped with information research &industry engagement skills and aligned towards the objective to cater to MSMEs. iSBS today delivers solutions via its rich talent pool with academic backgrounds from across technical education and process engineering areas (like engineering, finance / commerce, international business, strategy & planning, marketing & sales).

Someone once said “The road to success is not straight”. While our journey had many ups and downs, it was certainly enlightening & interesting; the results always encouraged us to reach out to more MSMEs. Here is a look at the milestones we achieved during our journey since May 2014.