Business Cases We Delivered Solutions For

A summary of our past information research & industry engagement campaigns.

Launching an IT Education System in UK based Schools & Colleges


Date: 14th Nov 2015
Project for appointment setting and networking activity for launch of an IT education system in UK based educational institutions.

Mapping Preferred Dewatering Processes incorporated by Open-Cut Coal Mines in QLD and NSW, Australia


Date: 8th Oct 2015
The research objective was to identify pumps preferred by mines spread across QLD & NSW and also covered insights on open-cut coal mines.

Role Play of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) in Nigeria


Date: 5th Oct 2015
The objective of the study was to define & measure the role played by HMOs in Nigeria and its impact. Our client developed a mobile based diabetes system, called Diabetes Management System (DMS), which aimed at assisting diabetes patients in monitoring their health.

Appointment Setting For Dealer Identification in U.S.


Date: 26th Sept 2015
EWC is a greener, safer and least hazardous method for cleaning welded stainless steel components. In process of appointing dealers for their EWC machines in US, our client needed support in  appointment setting with prospective dealers.

U.S. Market Evaluation: Electrolytic Weld Cleaning


Date: 26th Sept 2015
The objective of the case was to identify preferred weld cleaning methods for stainless steel structures in US and capture opinion from the end-users towards migration to EWC method.