Appointment Setting For Dealer Identification in US

Activity Background

Electrolytic Weld Cleaning (EWC) is a greener, safer and least hazardous method for cleaning welded stainless steel components as compared to traditional weld cleaning methods like Grinding, Needling, Sand Blasting, or Pickling Paste. Based in Europe, the client is a manufacturer of EWC machines and has recently established their US operations. In process of appointing dealers for their EWC machines in the US, the client needed support in scheduling appointments with prospective dealers.

Activity Approach

The task involved setting up appointments for the Business Development Head, with the client team, with an aim to conduct a demo of client’s product (EWC machine) and discuss sales opportunities across United States. Following activities were performed during the task commencement:

  • Online research for sourcing contact and business information of prospective companies; screening companies as per validation criteria provided by the client.
  • Engagements with relevant personnel at prospective companies to share information about client products and validate available business information about them sourced through online sources.
  • Seek interest in future sales of client products and schedule appointment with client team member as per the travel calendar.
Operational Challenges
  • Head-start Time: The appointment setting activity was started 10 days before meeting schedule and the travel period for attending appointments was 3 working days.
  • Clarity in Dealer Evaluation: Due to the limited head-start time, the dealer evaluation criteria involved fewer parameters. Based on observations made during the scheduled appointments, the evaluation criteria were further scrutinized for subsequent appointment setting campaigns.
Activity Outcome

We were able to successfully schedule 3 appointments with prospective dealers for the client contact in 8 calendar days.

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