We believe all types of business information exist positively: financial, news, articles, and so on; just not necessarily with us. When you don’t have access to it, you pay to gain access. Business information and insights can always be generated, but it is imperative to know how the information was sourced. More so, when dealing with qualitative information, we feel it is essential to connect with appropriate industry professionals to capture relevant perspectives.

We focus on understanding your “need for information” and its end utility in your business. It is our robust business information sourcing and industry engagement skills that help us ensure higher ROI. Our collective experience of over 20 years in B2B research and engagements, with an access to a network of over 30 million industry personnel, enables us to deliver cost effective custom support for Information Research, Marketing, Lead Generation and Business Networking initiatives.

Our aim is to equip MSMEs with an extended reach to explore global customers. Over the past 16 months of business operations, we have converged with industries such as Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Machinery, Mining & Metals, Health-Care & Life Sciences, Chemicals, etc while supporting our clients on diverse business information research scopes and industry engagement activities.


Here’s more about our evolution, work philosophy, core values and milestones achieved.