Why Personal Engagement means better Business Research

As we discussed in the previous post Role of Assessed Business Information in Decision Making, Information is the crux of successful business operations. But often, business information, especially in the form of industry research, comes not from reports but from people themselves.

You might be wondering if business research would benefit from a more personal touch or not. Many research experts place a heavy emphasis on conducive and symbiotic networking. Similarly, expert marketers lay utmost emphasis on the importance of connecting with people, beyond the questions.

So then why engagements on a personal level lead towards an improvement in the quality of business research?

Reason 1: No one likes answering. Everyone loves sharing thoughts.

This is a very human behavior. We dislike the idea of someone unknown calling us up and asking a slew of questions without providing value in return. When conducting primary research, there is a fine line between being succinct and being outright parasitic to glean information you seek.

No one likes answering to a disembodied & unidentified voice. But the simple act of making your point of contact feel that they are speaking to an attentive, inquisitive person instantly makes them open up in a warmer mood. That minimal personal touch, something that makes a genuine gesture of consideration for their time and attention can often be a game changer between getting a typed up press release answer and genuine industry insight that you were looking for.

Reason 2: You need information. But you seek Insight.

Now there is a modicum of difference between the two. Information is a meaningful, objective communiqué. It fulfills the primary purpose. But research is not just stacks of data piled in an excel sheet. It’s about behavior, nature, personas and preferences. All those are human attributes. And this is where Insight comes in. An insight is personal. It is based on experience, not witness. It’s intimate and revelatory.

A good researcher always seeks the information for the requirement and insight for the refinement. For example, this article can certainly list the benefits of engagement in bullet points. But it’ll lack that touch of personality. It’ll be a dry reference. Where is the personal touch? Where is the story? Who is giving these points and who for? That’s where personal engagement is important.

Research and Business both have one major aspect in common. They happen and exist for the people, by the people and about the people. In any business research, this thought rules supreme with the simple exchange of value. This is why business research is a field where how you talk is just as important as what and who you talk to.

iSBS research equips you with comprehensive information about potential market size, key consumers, distribution channels, etc and aids you in evaluation of new business commitments & initiatives. One of our primary methods to accomplish these parameters is Primary Research initiatives. The engagement with professionals, the human insight and a personal touch establishes a credibility and affability that allows a clearer picture than template questionnaire.

For more, feel free to visit our Research Support solutions and see for yourself how we can help you.

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